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Dino Giancanelli

Landscape Contractor |

Dino Giancanelli has been working as a landscape contractor here at DG Landworks since the company's  inception. Our contractor brilliantly balances the installing process to complete fruition . He is the key element between the design and the homeowner.  Dino's daily efforts consist of practical functionality that bring out the sheer beauty inherent to every design. Let Dino Giancanelli guide you through all the depths of the landscape installation process.


Lisa Giancanelli

Chief Financial Officer |

Lisa Giancanelli  is in charge of many DG Landworks departments, and expertly prioritizes tasks and resources, with her main focus on finance . DG Landworks would definitely not be the same without our incredible Chief Financial Officer.


Preston Flagg

Preston Flagg specializes in new project acquisitions. On the daily, he is high spirited with a zest for life and getting things done.


Axia Dachtler

Executive Assistant |

Axia is thinking of innovative ideas and is continuously leaping at opportunities in landscape design that are unique & beneficial to our brand.

In The Field

Chrysophyllum Cainito Leaf
Arabis Hirsuta

Napoleon Castillo

Lead Foreman

Jorge Chavez